Thursday, October 6, 2011

Episode 4: Graig Kreindler

We talk with America's Baseball Painter, Graig Kreindler, about his career and work habits, our Top 5 Baseball Movies, and a lot of other silliness. 


Many thanks to our first sponsor, Lozenger's Lozenges: If you gotta put somethin' in your mouth, make it a Lozenger's! (@purelozengers)


  1. Friend of the Podcast Sarvenaz pointed out the ridiculous omission of A League of Their Own -- I honestly don't know what happened there. I planned to have it on my list all along, then when I wrote it up I just completely missed it. My humble apologies to all of our surely confused listeners.

    As for Billy & Graig, I have no idea what's wrong with them.

  2. Where do I download the podcast?

  3. You can click the title of the blog post (or right-click to save) to get it directly (thanks,!).

    Or if you'd rather, you can subscribe through iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode. (Don't forget, clicking the "play" button on the iTunes page just previews it; click the "free" button to actually download it so that you can start and stop (and rewind to listen to what you missed when you were laughing too loud to hear it) any time you'd like.

    Thanks for listening!